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Weed Control

Roger Leduc - Weed Supervisor

204-436-2014 (Office)



The 2020 spraying season started slowly with all the beloved prairie winds. Although the spot spraying program for leafy spurge went smoothly. 

Starting this year any land owner within the municipality that is wanting to control leafy spurge can contact the Weed Supervisor and arrangements can be made for the municipality to spray. 

The cost is $75.00 an hour for equipment plus the cost of chemical.

Because of the technology of new herbicides there is now possibilities for control. Unfortunately the chemicals can only be used by licensed operators.

The optimum time for control in in May and June when new growth has not set seed yet, and again in September when seed has started to re germinate.

A well established area will take longer to control, but with two consecutive years of application complete control is possible. Often with new growth patches one application will suffice.

Uncontrolled leafy spurge can take over pastures and hay fields and render them unusable.

Under the "Manitoba Noxious Weed Act" a Weed Supervisor or Inspector can issue a Notice to Control to any land owner with any Tier 1, 2, or 3 noxious weeds and if the land owner does not comply the municipality has the authority to go in and control at the land owner's expense. For more information regarding the "Noxious Weed Act" please click here. Most notices are for Tier 1 and 2 weeds.

The only other ways of slowing the spread is by mowing to stop seed set, but encourages thicker, heavier root system. Cultivation is an other way because leafy spurge does not grow or do well in cultivation, but in sandy land pastures it is not much of an option.

Land owners with heavy infestations and wooded ares can place a controlling a buffer around their property can slow the spread to adjacent properties. 

Please feel free to contact me with any weed problems.

Roger Leduc - Weed Supervisor