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Dog Control

If you require the assistance of the dog catcher please contact the office at 204-436-2014 

All Dogs in the towns of Elm Creek, Fannystelle, Culross, Haywood and St Claude require dog licences. 

The cost for dog licences is $25.00/dog for a two year licencing period, we are currently in the 2024/2025 period, and you must bring in proof that the dog has had their rabies shot and same is still valid. As these will likely expire during the 2 year licencing period, you are required to provide our office with a new copy once your dog has received their new rabies shot. 

Submit a complaint regarding dogs in your area 

Dog control By-Law

Animal Care Line:     


 1-888-945-8001 (Toll Free)


More Information Regarding The Animal Care Line