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After Hours Emergency Contact:

Adam Anseeuw - Utility Personnel



Brenda Poulsen - Utility Manager - utility@rmofgrey.ca 

Adam Anseeuw - Utility Personnel - wsoperators@rmofgrey.ca

Adam Davis - Utility Personnel

The Utility Department oversee the operation of water/sewer systems within the R.M. of Grey including Elm Creek Water Plant & Sewer, Haywood Water Reservoir & Sewer, St. Claude Reservoir & Sewer and Fannystelle Reservoir & Sewer. 

Customers within the boundaries of Elm Creek, Haywood and Fannystelle will have their meters read by our utility staff at the end of each quarter (March, June, September and December).

Customers within the boundary of St Claude also have their meters read quarterly if they have had a new meter with outside readout installed.  Utility operators continue to work to complete the whole town.  If you haven't got an outside readout you are responsible to read your own meter until this installation has occurred.

Please ensure your meters are accessible to our utility staff, especially during the winter months.

Rural customers must read their meters during the last 3 days of each quarter (March 29-31, June 28-30, September 28-30 and December 29-31) and submit to our office.

Rural meters are read annually at the end of September by utility operators.  Expect to see them on your property to access the outside readout.

Utility operators carry picture ID with them, provided by the RM of Grey, which they will produce if asked.

To submit your water reading you have 4 options: 

  1. call the office at 204-436-2014
  2. fax the office at 204-436-2543
  3. email to info@rmofgrey.ca
  4. Submit your reading online

Do you suspect you have a leak?

Click here for a printable meter reading sheet

Rural Municipality of Grey Drought Plan 

Click here for Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet #1 and Fact Sheet #3

Residential Lead Monitoring Program 2024

Lead In Drinking Water Information

Drinking Water: What About Lead?

Free Water Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

2023 Public Water System Annual Reports (Paper copies available upon request):

2023 Grey Public Water System Annual Report

2023 Cartier Regional Water Cooperative Public Water System Annual Report

2023 Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Annual Compliance Report


Current Public Utilities Board Orders:

Order No. 137/22 - Cartier Regional Water Cooperative Pass Through Authorization

Order No. 138/22 - Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Revised Rates

Order No. 140/22 - Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Revise Order No. 138/22


Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc. Annual Compliance Report 2023