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Recycling Program

R.M. of Grey Recycling Program - Our mission is to protect, preserve and restore the environment, promote sustainable development and increase environmental awareness!

Visit the MWM Environmental website to print your curbside recycling pick-up schedule! 

Download the MWM app from the app store to receive reminders before every pick-up! 


December 2021 Mailout Flyer Regarding MWM Environmental

Free Printable 2023 Recycling Guide

Guide de Recyclage imprimable gratuit

Depot Locations

R.M. of Grey Waste Disposal Site - 43077 RD 21W (SW-10-8-4)

Elm Creek Depot - Arena Road, North of the Curling Rink

Fannystelle Depot - Corner of Church Ave. & 2nd St.

Haywood Depot - Corner of Main Street & Edward Ave.

St. Claude Depot - Corner of Beriault & Tremorin St.

Did you know? 

  • You can recycle your used batteries and cellphones at the Waste Disposal Site, at the RM Office or the St. Claude Co-op.
  • You can recycle your bale or silage wrap, twine and grain bags! Click here for more information

Available at the RM Office for purchase:

  • Blue Recycling Boxes $10.00
  • Clear Recycling Bags 10 bags for $1.25
  • Free Recycling Bin Bags!

The following items are accepted for recycling:

Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogues, Flyers, Telephone Books, Office Paper, Shredded Paper, Boxboard (Cereal Boxes, Shoe Boxes, etc.), Cardboard, Aluminum Cans, Steel/Tin Cans, Glass Jars/Bottles, Beverage Containers (Milk, Juice Cartons, etc.), Tetra Pak Containers, Plastic, Lightbulbs.

The following items are accepted for E-Waste at the Waste Disposal Ground:

Tv's, Radios, Computer Monitors, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Desktop Printers, DVD Players, VCR's, Phones, Scanners, Fax Machines, Rechargeable Batteries, Microwaves.

Please remember:

Cardboard/Boxboard - flatten and fold

We Appreciate recycling to be rinsed with no food residue as it can become a safety concern.


Old Plastic Toys, Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, Tin foil, Glass from Windows.

For more information check out: www.recycleallyoucan.ca

RM of Grey Recycling Committee Members:

Doug Middleton - 204-745-0043

Paul Slobodian - 204-336-3890

Yvon Morissette- 204-745-7756

Christine Major - 204-872-0835